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The NET Project is an undergraduate-led student research project at the University of Texas at Austin which focuses on the cutting edge developments in the NET space. Founded in 2019, the NET Project has been growing along with the field of negative emissions technologies just as they are gaining prominence in the fight against climate change.

Our Goals


With several different partner organizations, companies, and schools, NET Project connects students with a community of experts and professionals who specialize in Carbon Removal.


Work with us on our any of our projects, all focused on creating tangible actions and results to further the feasibility of different NET pathways. Contribute to the fight against climate change!


Every general meeting, NET Project hosts presentations by different brilliant experts in the NET space to reach out to and educate as many people as possible about the need for NETs!

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What Are NETs?

NETs are what we make of them.

Negative emissions technologies are any natural or technological solutions which remove more greenhouse gases than they emit during their lifetime. This includes the carbon emitted during manufacturing, transportation, and operation.

There’s two main questions to this equation: first, how do we pull a net positive amount of CO2 out of the air? The second, what do we do with that CO2 after we get it? Respectively, these questions are removal and sequestration.

There are several different solutions, from natural capture methods (forest management, costal wetlands restoration, enhanced geologic weathering) to many different manmade means (direct air capture, bioenergy with carbon capture). However, almost all run into the same problem. Funding.

So what are NETs?

The easiest answer: trees.

More complicated: not trees.

Below are some of the prominent NET technologies now in use/development

Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCs) have long been touted as a NET titan.
A recently built Climeworks direct air capture plant.
Naturally forming carbonate veins within ultramafic rocks in Oman.

Why NETs

Even if radical emissions cuts are made, NETs are now necessary in order to stay within the 2 degrees Celsius of warming agreed to in the Paris Climate Accords.

NETs allow the possibility of hard to remove carbon emitters (i.e. transportation) to exist in a future economy.

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