GM #1 Recap (08/29/2022)

Last Monday, we talked with Freya Chay, who represented CarbonPlan, a free CCUS database whose goal is to act as a tool that tracks different climate solutions and provides useful resources for those in the NET space. More specifically, Freya introduced the importance of Carbon Removal and described the main ways in which humans have developed ways to store or use captured CO2. She directed us to a tab within the CarbonPlan website that lists and ranks Carbon Capture companies based on a number of attributes, including permanence, cost, and volume of CO2 that it has captured. She also pointed out some other nifty tools within the website, such as correlations between forest fires and forest management for carbon offsets. Overall, CarbonPlan is a fantastic resource that allows users to see real-time data to analyze and compare different projects and companies. You can learn more about CarbonPlan on their website and twitter!

If you missed the meeting, we have a video recording of it. You can click here to watch it, or you can go to our Box. Once you’re there go to General Members > Meetings, and you will find it there!

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