GM #4 Recap (10/03/2022)

This past Monday, we heard a bit about the entrepreneurship potential of venturing into starting a sustainability business. Ben and Micky talked about what they learned after attending the TEX-E weekend course on Sustainability Entrepreneurship at GreenTown Labs in Houston. The main takeaways they gathered were that an invention- whether that is a DAC machine, or a new type of utilization technology- is nothing without proper commercialization. Finding who your customer is is also essential for a good entrepreneur, as understanding who they are selling their technology or product to may help simplify things.

After a brief discussion about some examples of start-up companies that have spun out of GreenTown Labs, we were lucky enough to hear from a UT entrepreneur who has recently ventured into creating his own platform for carbon offsets. Mihir Bendre is a UT undergraduate student who is one of the founders of Gazelle, an app that provides carrying capacity insights to maximize land productivity, as well as attempts to strengthen carbon sinks. This venture is being carried out in Botswana and attempts to give local farmers an extra helping hand, as well as to protect the natural biodiversity of the land. Mihir answered questions regarding the app, as well as gave tips on how to start a project like his.

If you missed the meeting, you can click here to go over the PowerPoint, or you can scan the QR below to go to our Box. Once you’re there go to General Members > Meetings, and you will find it there.

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