GM #7 Recap (11/14/2022)

Hi everyone! 

Last Monday, we met with Dr. Peter Kelemen, a recognized Columbia University professor who teaches “Earth Resources for Sustainable Development“ and “Carbon Storage”, and holds several achievements and awards within the geophysical field.

Dr. Kelemen introduced his presentation by defining what the carbon mineralization process entails and showed a useful diagram depicting the breakdown of such processes. He then introduced the two variations of mediums that CO2 reacts with when it becomes rocks: olivines (magnesium-rich rock) and limestone (calcium-rich). He proceeded to describe the experimentation that was done with each one and exemplified the amount of area that would be needed for mineralization to have a significant impact. Moreover, Dr. Kelemen talked about a mineralization startup, Heirloom (we have talked with them before!!!), and how they are profiting off of their engineering approach to mineralization. He also talked about 44.01, a company based in Oman, that brings CO2 to magnesium-rich areas of the country and injects it for permanent storage. 

Dr. Kelemen then mentioned a couple of reasons why he got into the field of mineralization, and finished up by describing some of his most wonderful traveling experiences around the globe.

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