GM #1 Recap (01/23/2023)

Hello everyone!

Thank you for coming to the first meeting of Spring 2023!

This Monday, we introduced new officers and elaborated on each project’s goals for the semester. Aside from DAC and Policy, we are incorporating a third project: Entrepreneurship! 

Our speaker was our dear mentor and friend, Chris Neidl. Chris is a co-founder of the OpenAir Collective, an online platform that engages people to learn and contribute to anything carbon removal related. He is also an avid environmentalist who is often busy traveling across the world, attending conferences, and making connections.

Chris did a fantastic job at introducing us to the CDR space. He clarified the difference from the saturated term “Carbon Capture” and elaborated on different ways in which humans have developed technologies to capture CO2 out of ambient air, and either storing it or utilizing it in some way.

Moreover, Chris went over the variety of projects OpenAir oversees, elaborating on engineering prototypes such as the Airsynth or the Thursday Projects. He also mentioned many other initiatives, some addressing the politics of carbon removal, and others focusing more on the education part. Finally, Chris answered some pressing questions from the crowd, and we then celebrated a successful meeting with Deli’s Pizza!

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