GM #2 Recap (01/30/2023)

Hi everyone!

Last Monday, we encouraged new members to come learn a little more about the intricacies of Negative Emissions Technologies. Ben and Micky began the meeting by referencing Chris Neidl’s definition of carbon removal, defining the need for the existence of such technological developments. They showed IPCC projections, comparing differing temperature rises, and discussed the problems that each varying temperature rise entails. Micky then talked about natural carbon sinks, reforestation, and afforestation. Ben then introduced the concept of Direct Air Capture, a carbon removal technique that involves engineering and chemistry. Micky then talked about utilization and storage, the two main methods that determine what to do with captured carbon dioxide. Finally, Ben and Micky discussed the importance of economic incentives and political involvement in the rise of CDR.

Speed NETs introduced Carbon Dioxide Removal to those who were unfamiliar with the nuances of the subject, and hopefully was an enjoyable and educational experience for everyone!

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