GM #3 Recap (02/13/2023)

Hello everyone!

On Monday, we had the pleasure of talking to Dan Cole from Denbury Carbon Solutions. Denbury describes itself as a leader in CCUS that recycles carbon dioxide through Enhanced Oil Recovery to produce environmentally friendly Blue Oil. Denbury is also home to the world’s largest carbon dioxide pipeline network that aims to relocate captured CO2 into a variety of sequestration sites in the southern United States.

Denbury manages about 80 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year and aims to expand its influence by acquiring usable natural gas pipelines to be used for CO2 transportation. Dan explained the logistics of establishing storage locations in strategic spaces dependent on geology, as well as proximity to point source emissions. He did a great job at explaining the necessity of CO2 transportation infrastructure for negative emissions technologies to become an important and profitable player within the carbon market. It was also interesting to hear from him, since he has worked in oil and gas for more than 20 years, and understands the difficulties of succeeding in this industry. Dan’s extensive experience brought a very different perspective regarding the dynamics of why transporting carbon dioxide is such a controversial issue to approach.

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