Ben Evanson


Yooo what’s crackin ! I hope your day is going awesome, and is now going even more awesome since you’ve gotten to learn a little bit more about the NET Project. A little bit about me, my name is Ben, and I took over the Project in 2020 from our founder, Vish. It’s been an absolute joy of mine to see this project grow and to watch our NET community develop into such a cool collection of people, ideas, and passions. When I’m not learning about NETs, some of my hobbies include: climbing, sculpting, soccer, camping, volleyball, cooking, napping, kayaking, yoga, and exploring. If you have any questions about the Project, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be in touch ! Have a great day ! Love da NETs, baby. Love da NETs.


Micky Esteva

Vice President

Howdy! I am a 5’11’’ senior Mechanical Engineer who enjoys playing guitar, a nice soccer session, and the outdoors . The NET Project has been part of my life for the past two years and I couldn’t be more proud of it. This organization introduced me to a whole new world of possibilities, redirecting my career towards a cause that needs much attention. LOVE DA NETS BABY


Aidan Aalund

Direct Air Capture Project Lead

Hello! I’m a freshman Electrical Engineering major and I’m workin’ with Eesha as a DAC co-lead! I’m super into music, weights, environmentalism, and sometimes bouldering. In the sub-team, I’m excited to take our air capture unit further and apply analysis tools to figure out how to make it the best it can be, which is what drew me to the group initially.


Eesha Bilal

Direct Air Capture Project Co-Lead

Hi everyone! My name is Eesha, I’m a sophomore mechanical engineering student who’ll be DAC Co-Lead with Aidan this semester! I love reading, traveling, and learning new languages. I’m extremely passionate about sustainable engineering solutions, which is why I joined the NET project during my freshman year. Outside of DAC, I’m involved with the Longhorn Racing Solar Team; clean energy and carbon capture are two of my biggest engineering passions. Reach out if you have any questions, want to get involved with the Direct Air Capture team, or just want to chat about DAC!


Vilasini Nayar

Policy Project Lead

Hi! I’m a third year double majoring in music and government (I used to be a cs major and I’ve recently switched). My hobbies include reading, playing/watching sports, and acoustic guitar. I chose NET because it focuses on innovative solutions to climate change. It constantly spikes my curiosity and I love learning about new ways different companies are going about decarbonization.


Andy Dareing

Policy Project Co-Lead

I’m Andy! I’m a senior (terrifying) studying government and Plan II. I joined the NET Project because I think it’d be like really cool to still have a habitable planet for a while, and I truly enjoy collaborating with the minds in this org to work toward that in whatever way we can, big or small. Energy policy and the policy-making process is fascinating to me, especially here in Texas — join the Policy Team if you’re the same! Outside of NET, you’ll find me playing pool, biking, or watercoloring 🙂


Melanie Hsieh

Entrepreneurship Project Lead

Hello hello! I’m a second year biophysics student. I like to read all sorts of books, hike and ask questions. I joined NET mainly to learn more about carbon capture utiilization and storage (CCUS), and understand how different companies are tackling climate change whether through technology or policy realm. This gave me the inspiration to lead a startup team to accelerate the world toward carbon neutrality!


Neha Bidnurkar

Recruitment and Outreach

I’m a sophomore business and sustainably studies major. I love doing outdoor activities and playing the guitar. I chose to be a part of NET P because it’s a very welcoming space with a lot of information accessible at your fingertips and it feels like you can make a tangible impact.


Yazan Jaber


Senior, Mechanical Engineer, Rock climbing, Running, Cooking, Binge watching literally any show out there. I chose NET because I believe we can make a positive impact on the student body here at UT and also continue to help innovate in a still relatively small and young sector in the climate change world!


Sara Rayon

Internal Coordinator

Hola! I’m a 2nd year Chemical Engineering major from Mexico hoping to work with energy/NETs in the future! Whenever I’m not studying, I enjoy playing piano (anything by Ludovico Einaudi is top-tier), hanging out with friends, and exploring Austin. Being a part of the NET Project has allowed me to meet a bunch of wonderful, smart people who share my passion for environmental protection, and I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish this year. If you have any questions regarding the website/newsletter don’t hesitate to reach out!


Taylor Sweatt

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

Howdy! I’m a senior, majoring in sustainability studies and pursuing a design strategies certificate. In my free time, I love working out, completing DIY projects, and hiking! I’m all about combining my passions for art and design with environmentalism. I love NET Project because of the community of passionate and motivated members! Being a member is so enriching and fun that I wanted to contribute even more by joining the officer team!


Mia Thiessen

Social Chair

I’m a second-year Sustainability Studies major and a minor in Leadership in Global Sustainability. I really enjoy learning about and making art, exploring all kinds of nature, lifting in the gym, going to concerts, and watching movies. The NET Project allows me to learn, grow, and become more involved in the topics of environmentalism, so I want to help do the same for all UT students that are interested!


Vishrudh Sriramprasad



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