New Members

Whether you want to just attend meetings, lead any of our projects, or access the community that NET Project offers, we’re happy to have you.

If you’re interested in joining just follow the steps below:

1) Join the Slack

The slack is where most all team communication occurs. Important, no?

2) Join the Email List

The email newsletter provides meeting recaps, updates on the NET project, and a custom curated collection of the most important developments in the NET space. If you’re short on time, the newsletter will have everything you need!

Thinking real hard…
Success! You're the coolest person I know.

3) Tell us what you’re interested in

4) Join the Google Drive

The Google Drive is where we shares all of our research articles, as well as recordings of all of our meetings; there’s a wealth of knowledge in there.

As a new member, first click the join button, request access to join, and when given access go to the For New Members Folder and read some of those introductory articles there. If you want a real taste of what the project is like, go to the 2020-2021 archive folder and watch some of our previous meetings there ! Stoked to have you with us !

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