The Policy team is committed to promoting the awareness of negative emissions technologies, fostering a curiosity-driven learning environment, and acting to change local carbon policies. Communications, sustainability, government, philosophy, and STEM majors might be particularly suited for the work we will do, but we welcome students from any major with a passion for the environment!

2022-2023 UPDATE

During the Fall of 2022, the Policy Project had some great discussions about the political and environmental implications of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), carbon credit monitoring and verification, and grassroots movements. It also continued to meet with the on-campus power plant director, Ryan Thompson, to further discuss the possibility of implementing carbon capture technology on campus. Furthermore, the Policy Project hosted its first Citizen Advocacy Day. It was a great way to get students involved in the democratic process and learn about the impact they can make within the CDR space! This semester, the Policy Project will focus on community engagement and continue to work with the university to analyze possible projects that can be implemented on the campus power plant—including CCUS.

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