The Policy team is committed to promoting the awareness of negative emissions technologies, fostering a curiosity-driven learning environment, and acting to change local carbon policies. Communications, sustainability, government, philosophy, and STEM majors might be particularly suited for the work we will do, but we welcome students from any major with a passion for the environment!

2021-2022 UPDATE

After synthesizing and formatting the research provided by our team, we (Vilasini and Grant) presented the brief alongside a presentation to Ryan Thompson, the assistant director of the University’s Utilities and Energy Department. During the meeting, Mr. Thompson showed a lot of interest in our utilization research and financing ideas. Additionally, he found the survey results (regarding how much money students were willing to contribute towards decarbonizing UT) especially important. His final consensus was that the policy brief was highly informative. Circulating the brief is a great idea for a next step and most importantly he said that in order for the university to seriously undertake this project, we would need to provide more student support. One of the main goals for next year, in addition to our new main project, is to circulate the policy brief regarding the implementation of Dr. Rochelle’s flue-gas capture technology on campus, everywhere. We want to gain mass support in the form of a petition and present this tangible support in order to hopefully catalyze the first step in decarbonizing UT.

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