The Direct Air Capture (DAC) project is a student effort to develop a small-scale machine which captures CO2 from the atmosphere. Additionally, we are constantly learning about the field of DAC and want to educate our community on the exciting things it has to offer to ensure a healthy future for everyone.

2021-2022 UPDATE

The DAC project started the year with no base design for our system and ended up with a fully developed prototype. We first found our method of CO2 adsorption, zeolite 13X, and based our ideas off of NASA’s 4-bed CO2 capture system in the ISS. Following this we decided to use convective heating and cooling via a variable temperature heat gun. Finally, after meeting with Dr. Hall and taking inspiration from Dahl Winters’ new carbon capture design, the unit was developed as a partially-fluidized bed with airflow perpendicular to the chemical beds. Throughout the year we met with advisors in the OpenAir Collective (in anticipation of the DACCathon) and at UT. Ultimately, some of the members presented our schematic to DAC experts at the University of Waterloo Hackathon and won $500 for the machine. By the end of the year, we had created a full prototype schematic with zeolite 13X from the ground up!

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