GM #2 Recap (09/12/2022)

Unfamiliar with Negative Emissions technologies? No worries! Our last meeting consisted of SPEED NETS, a fast-paced crash course on the basics of the Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) space. Presented by our officers, SPEED NETs introduced what we consider to be the five topics essential to understanding CDR.  Our first presenters, Zach and Yazan, talked aboutContinue reading “GM #2 Recap (09/12/2022)”

GM #1 Recap (08/29/2022)

Last Monday, we talked with Freya Chay, who represented CarbonPlan, a free CCUS database whose goal is to act as a tool that tracks different climate solutions and provides useful resources for those in the NET space. More specifically, Freya introduced the importance of Carbon Removal and described the main ways in which humans haveContinue reading “GM #1 Recap (08/29/2022)”

Fall 2021 Semester Recap

Fall 2021 was the NET Project at UT Austin’s first real semester in person! A huge thank you is in order to every one of our presenters, the time they took to share their knowledge with us and the work they do to advance carbon removal. Another thank you to our hardworking leadership team andContinue reading “Fall 2021 Semester Recap”

Creating the NET Project

The buzz around climate change is impossible to ignore these days; many people have heard about the emerging electric car and alternative energy industries. Maybe they’ve heard about reducing animal products and learning about fast fashion, but the world of negative emissions technologies (NETs) is still quite undiscovered. The NET Project at UT Austin’s founderContinue reading “Creating the NET Project”

NET Meeting Recap (Archive 11/11/20)

Last Meeting (11/11/20) Last Wednesday we talked with Aaron Fitzgerald, entrepreneur in residence at Carbon180 and founder of at least 3 different startups. Aaron discussed his start into the NET space, and how he was able to build up his different startups. Aaron began his career as a part of Kairos Aerospace, a company focusedContinue reading “NET Meeting Recap (Archive 11/11/20)”

NET Meeting Recap (Archive 12/2/20)

Last Meeting (12/2/20) Last Wednesday we spoke with Sam Savitz, an analyst, and one of our close partners for our Energy Futures Initiative collaboration. We discussed carbon dioxide removal (CDR) in general, its current state, and its future. As it is right now, it’s clear that CDR technology is going to be necessary to stayContinue reading “NET Meeting Recap (Archive 12/2/20)”

NET Meeting Recap (Archive 11/18/20)

Last Meeting (11/18/20) Last Wednesday we spoke with Vanessa Suarez, policy advisor at Carbon 180. This was our first policy focused meeting, so it was interesting to get out of the engineering nitty gritty and into the politics of NETs. Vanessa began by introducing a triplet of problems that NETs face: high costs, social andContinue reading “NET Meeting Recap (Archive 11/18/20)”

NET Meeting Recap (Archive 9/23/20)

Last Meeting (9/23/20) Our guest speaker for our last meeting was the always fantastic Professor Daniel Sanchez. Dr. Sanchez is currently working as a negative emissions ambassador for political outreach and extension at UC Berkeley right now, having worked previously within the senate to advise on climate change and environmental policy. His lecture for usContinue reading “NET Meeting Recap (Archive 9/23/20)”

NET Meeting Recap (Archive 10/14/20)

Last Meeting (10/14/20) This week we spoke with Noah McQueen, a graduate student at UPenn currently researching direct air capture, who talked to us about- likely enough- direct air capture ! We discussed the abilities of direct air capture, one of the NET space’s most interesting options. Direct air capture, or DAC, has two primaryContinue reading “NET Meeting Recap (Archive 10/14/20)”

NET Meeting Recap (Archive 10/21/20)

Last Meeting (10/21/20) Two weeks ago, we talked with Dr. Alexander Ip, Director of Research and Partnerships at University of Toronto and Co-founder and Director of Partnerships at CERT, a recent government backed CO2 conversion startup. Dr. Ip’s research originally began in response to the issue of efficiently storing excess solar energy during low energyContinue reading “NET Meeting Recap (Archive 10/21/20)”