GM #2 Recap (01/30/2023)

Hi everyone! Last Monday, we encouraged new members to come learn a little more about the intricacies of Negative Emissions Technologies. Ben and Micky began the meeting by referencing Chris Neidl’s definition of carbon removal, defining the need for the existence of such technological developments. They showed IPCC projections, comparing differing temperature rises, and discussedContinue reading “GM #2 Recap (01/30/2023)”

GM #1 Recap (01/23/2023)

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to the first meeting of Spring 2023! This Monday, we introduced new officers and elaborated on each project’s goals for the semester. Aside from DAC and Policy, we are incorporating a third project: Entrepreneurship!  Our speaker was our dear mentor and friend, Chris Neidl. Chris is a co-founder of theContinue reading “GM #1 Recap (01/23/2023)”

Outreach and Policy in the Carbon Removal Space: An Interview with Miguel Esteva

Synopsis and Introduction The implementation of international legislation and policies have begun to give more shape to the carbon removal space. Carbon capture technologies were a critical point of discussion at the most recent climate conference, COP27, and the recent Inflation Reduction Act has allocated billions of dollars towards CDR projects, such as the DACContinue reading “Outreach and Policy in the Carbon Removal Space: An Interview with Miguel Esteva”

Growing Up With NETs: An Interview With Ben Evanson

Synopsis and Introduction In the past couple of years, the buzz around Negative Emission Technologies has rapidly increased. Their rising popularity can be attributed to federal and private funding, and the implementation of policies all around the world to support them. As this technology has become more widespread, the NET Project has been able toContinue reading “Growing Up With NETs: An Interview With Ben Evanson”

GM #7 Recap (11/14/2022)

Hi everyone!  Last Monday, we met with Dr. Peter Kelemen, a recognized Columbia University professor who teaches “Earth Resources for Sustainable Development“ and “Carbon Storage”, and holds several achievements and awards within the geophysical field. Dr. Kelemen introduced his presentation by defining what the carbon mineralization process entails and showed a useful diagram depicting theContinue reading “GM #7 Recap (11/14/2022)”

GM #6 Recap (11/07/2022)

Hello everyone!  This past Monday, we met with Dr. Schonna Manning, a former researcher at UT whose studies focus on the variety of applications for algae. She began by introducing the vast types of algae that exist in comparison to the rest of all living things. Dr. Manning then claimed that algae are “the originalContinue reading “GM #6 Recap (11/07/2022)”

GM #4 Recap (10/03/2022)

This past Monday, we heard a bit about the entrepreneurship potential of venturing into starting a sustainability business. Ben and Micky talked about what they learned after attending the TEX-E weekend course on Sustainability Entrepreneurship at GreenTown Labs in Houston. The main takeaways they gathered were that an invention- whether that is a DAC machine,Continue reading “GM #4 Recap (10/03/2022)”

GM #3 Recap (09/19/2022)

Last meeting, we built our own Direct Air Capture units, inspired by Dahl Winters’ Cyan unit. These systems operate at a small scale and allow individuals to understand the theory behind carbon removal(you can learn more about them here!). Once everyone joined one of the five groups led by an experienced leader, we had a five-minuteContinue reading “GM #3 Recap (09/19/2022)”

GM #2 Recap (09/12/2022)

Unfamiliar with Negative Emissions technologies? No worries! Our last meeting consisted of SPEED NETS, a fast-paced crash course on the basics of the Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) space. Presented by our officers, SPEED NETs introduced what we consider to be the five topics essential to understanding CDR.  Our first presenters, Zach and Yazan, talked aboutContinue reading “GM #2 Recap (09/12/2022)”

GM #1 Recap (08/29/2022)

Last Monday, we talked with Freya Chay, who represented CarbonPlan, a free CCUS database whose goal is to act as a tool that tracks different climate solutions and provides useful resources for those in the NET space. More specifically, Freya introduced the importance of Carbon Removal and described the main ways in which humans haveContinue reading “GM #1 Recap (08/29/2022)”